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You are too important a thought to be held in one hand,
you are a recurring song in my dreams.
Love is a word of light, written by a hand of light,
on a page of light.

Khalil  Gibran


Sailing boat in Tuscany


Among the Babylonians there was a very consolidated custom of giving newlyweds a particular honey-based drink, in a quantity that was enough for at least a month. The drink in question, mead, has always been a prized drink known in antiquity, so much so that the famous Greek poet Homer identified it as a nourishment of the Gods, calling it "Ambrosia".

The spouses of ancient Rome used to eat honey for the entire duration of "one moon" after the wedding, which is why it is called Honeymoon.

We discovered that the quantity of mead that was given to the spouses was not calculated at random, but was linked to the female period, connected in turn to the lunar cycle.

There was a widespread belief that honey stimulated the bride's fertility, which is why it was considered appropriate to give such a gift to the newly married couple, whose first "task" was to procreate.

The custom of giving honey to the spouses was also preserved in subsequent civilizations, first of all the Roman civilization. In the Middle Ages, young noblewomen were given as brides who used to bring honey with them when moving to their husband's house. The honey was the bride's family's gift to the couple.

Thus was born the expression "honeymoon": a month of precious nectar available to the spouses and at the same time a period of complete dedication to the couple, romantic and also a little greedy!


Un honeymoon aboard onesailing boat could be the most romantic and special moment of your wedding.

Set sail to recover from fatigue!

You don't need to be an expert sailor or sailing enthusiast. A week on board a sailing boat is the best way to regain the energy spentin organizing the wedding eenjoy peace, isolation and absolute relaxation. 

Choosing the location for your honeymoon is essential to bring you back to the alchemy of the first meeting, to your passion. Leave everything else behind and let yourself be enveloped by a sensorial experience: a honeymoon on a sailing boat.

Destinations carefully chosen to offer beauty and relaxation in a special moment of your life.

On board with us you will find a true and sincere welcome, privacy, collaboration.

The itinerary is organized based on your needs.


A honeymoon on a sailing boat is certainly regenerating
Sleeping gently cradled by the sea, waking up surrounded by dream landscapes with crystal clear waters and thinking that you have never had such a satisfying experience, immersing yourself in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Tuscan Archipelago, discovering coves that can be experienced exclusively
sive on a sailing boat and then dine by candlelight under a roof of stars and constellations, abandoning yourself to the lascivious rhythms of a holiday that will give you unforgettable emotions.

Sunrises and sunsets that will add romance to your magical moment as a couple. A toast at the right time, a delicious surprise dish cooked by the skipper, a naked swim at sunrise or sunset. A romantic dinner by the sea and a night cradled by the waves and refreshed by the sea breeze. 


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Our Destinations

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