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Onboard Regulations

Aquamarine follows the eco-sustainable philosophy in all the activities it offers,

spreading an ECO-FRIENDLY lifestyle for the sea and forsurrounding environment

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When sailing on a sailing boat there are some simple rules to respect to allow all guests to have a safe and peaceful experience:

  • On board it is forbidden to touch on-board instruments, the rudder and other equipment without the authorization of the Captain.

  • IT IS FORBIDDEN to throw toilet paper, sanitary napkins or any other material into the toilet in the toilet. Use the special baskets supplied on board during sailing. The toilet can be used when sailing under motor or in calm seas, not while sailing. Guests on board are advised that in the event of carelessness or failure of the on-board toilet, the costs of repairing the toilet will be charged.

  • MODERATE SMOKING ON BOARD, Smoking is allowed ONLY WITH SAILS FOLDED (closed), AT THE STERN, with the permission of the Captain and one person at a time. It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts into the sea. All soft drugs are prohibited on board. E-cigarettes are allowed.

  • MODERATE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION ON BOARD We advise our guests not to use excessive alcohol, so as not to feel ill and not to ruin the experience of other guests on board. It is forbidden to bring personal alcohol of any kind on board.

  • THE USE OF BODY OILS IS PROHIBITED - Please use ONLY NON-OILY SPRAY or CREAMS, because the oils grease the boat and make the glass resin slippery and dangerous.

  • IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ENTER THE DECK with WET CLOTHING or place wet towels or bags in the Dinette.

  • NO SHOUTING, CALLING or LOUD MUSIC on board, so as not to disturb the tranquility of all guests.

  • IT IS FORBIDDEN TO GO DOWN ON DECK while we are sailing with open sails, to avoid falling.

  • IT IS FORBIDDEN TO DIV FROM THE BOW or from the lifelines (metal wires of the boat) because it is dangerous. You can ONLY dive from the stern.

  • BEWARE OF CELL PHONES and CAMERAS It will not be possible to recover cell phones or other personal objects if they fall into the sea.

  • SEPARATE WASTE COLLECTION on board - Let's safeguard the sea and nature!

  • SEA SICK - If you are not used to sailing, we recommend taking a XAMAMINA tablet, against sea sickness, 2 hours before departure. Your well-being is your responsibility with respect for everyone on board. On group tours we will not be able to return to port to leave people who suffer from seasickness. In exclusives it is at the guest's discretion to return to port and end the tour first. 

  • CHILDREN Children are welcome on board, but parents must be responsible for their protection and safety. Please take your children back if they put themselves in situations of risk to themselves or other people on board. Otherwise, the commander himself will give rules to children who are not respectful.

  • NO TO FISHING - Fishing in any form is prohibited on our boats, as we respect the sea and its inhabitants!

  • CRUELTY FREE MEALS - We serve plant-based food on our boats. Those who wish to eat fish or meat can do so during stops on land.

  • SAILING is a way of life, on board all participants collaborate with the crew to navigate and will make sure not to hinder the captain's work. Sailing means respecting the rhythms of the sea and the wind and enjoying the journey, not reaching the destination as soon as possible.

  • LIVE THE SEA in RELAXATION! Our excursions are made to experience the sea in total tranquility and serenity, leave all habitual behaviors at home, get out of the routine of your life and enter the experience itself in contact with the sea and the elements of nature.

  • THE CAPTAIN reserves the right to modify the routes, stops and itinerary depending on sea and wind conditions, to guarantee the safety of everyone on board and to ensure that all participants have a wonderful experience in total. safety and tranquility. We reserve the right to disembark people who do not comply with the regulations or endanger guests on board or make navigation problematic.

TIPS & TIPS to the Commander - Skipper and the team AQ.

  • On boats it is a good habit to “leave a TIP (tip)” for the captain and crew. You can leave a tip at the end of the Tour/Cruise especially if it has met your expectations and the captain has demonstrated professionalism, ability and friendliness! We welcome any feedback from you to always improve our service on board!


  • USE OF CABINS ON BOARD: You will be provided with a change of sheets for the duration of your cruise and you will be responsible for airing your cabin and making your bed. Beach towels are personal and must be brought by the guests themselves.

  • SAIL LIGHT Bring the essentials on board: A bath towel, swimsuit, a jacket or sweatshirt for the evening, comfortable and comfortable clothes.

  • DO NOT BRING large suitcases or rigid trolleys ON BOARD, but only soft bags to place in the lockers of the berths.


  • THE WATER ON BOARD IS PRECIOUS: Let's not waste it! We use a glass to brush our teeth or we use water only for the time necessary to wash our hands and body, avoiding unnecessary waste.

  • La Barca a Vela is not a floating restaurant. The kitchen on board is used only by the captain/shipowner.The dishes are cooked simply and lightly, so as not to weigh them down.

  • CRUELTY FREE MEALS - We do not serve food of animal origin on our boats. You can eat fish or meat during stops on land.

  • Wine is served in moderation on board. It is forbidden to introduce spirits or excessive quantities of wine or beer.

  • WE LOVE ANIMALS, but we do not recommend taking them on boats because it is not their natural habitat and they would feel disoriented and scared.

  • REFUND POLICY - Cancellation terms READ HERE.


“Navigating puts you back in a more human condition by helping you to recognize

the really important things in life.

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