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Wingfoil Courses and Events


With our certified instructor Roberto Linares


What is theWingfoil

The Wing Foil is the latest arrivalor in the world of water sports, despite this it seems to attract a lot of people because it is fun and easy to learn. The Wing Foil is an inflatable wing that can be held in the hand and allows you to take advantage of the wind on board any board, preferably equipped with a hydrofoil. 

There is talk of a real novelty that seems to be the fusion of other disciplines, takes a bit from surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and even sup, but does not replace anything, indeed it is an alternative capable of giving adrenaline and fun to wind lovers.

Like almost all water sports that involve the use of a board, wing foiling also originated in the Hawaiian Islands. The Wing Foil has the driving wing released from the board, thanks to this characteristic the sail can remain, if desired, completely foiled leaving complete freedom to the rider. The sensation of riding waves or small chops will be much more pleasant as you are pushed only by the force of the water, just like in surfing. Furthermore, the hydrodynamic efficiency of the foil, which in this sport is very generously sized, allows planing even at low speeds.

Wing Sails have been known for decades. In the mid-80s, inspired by the flight of seagulls, Tom Magruder developed the so-called "Wind Weapon", a rigid sail that rotated freely on a windsurfing board. “If you look at a seagull – Magruder explained – this animal has the ability, through its own energy, to exploit the force of the wind and remain in flight indefinitely. With a specially designed wing, we could do it too”.

In the 2000s, his idea was taken up by a couple of companies specializing in watersports who developed some prototypes of inflatable wings to be held in the hand and which could be used with Stand Up Paddles. Meanwhile, some snowboarders began to use these portable wings to move freely on the snow, glide across frozen lakes and compete in the ice sailing world championships. With the advent of hydrofoils, these portable inflatable sails have finally reached a balance, also conquered the public of surfers and today represent a very interesting market share.

Wing Surf equipment is easy to assemble at the beach. There are no lines, no bars, no masts, no booms. All one has to do is inflate a light kite, grab a board and enter the water. Simplicity is the basic concept of Wing Surf. The size of a standard sail varies from 2 to 5 square meters and generates enough power to sail. In reality, if you use a board equipped with hydrofoil, a wind of 10-12 knots of wind is enough to start sailing. Wing Surfing doesn't need photonic winds, just a breeze, a fresh wind and you fly over the water.


Wing Foil Courses 


Our Wing Foil courses have been structured to be accessible to everyone: suitable both for those who already have experience with sailing and water sports, and for neophytes, i.e. those who have no experience in this sector.

Precisely for this reason, the lessons will be differentiated according to the type of previous experience and skills of the student, in order to optimize the hours of the course and avoid investing time in carrying out exercises for the development of coordination skills already possessed by the students.

A young, fascinating and simple sport within everyone's reach: inspired by the flight of seagulls, the sensation of flying over the water gliding supported by the foil is truly unique;   suddenly the noises disappear and you are enveloped in a magical atmosphere made of silence, speed and a sense of lightness. 

The courses and lessons can be carried out both from land, preferably in the enchanting scenery of the Stagnone lagoon in Marsala, and on board comfortable boats, making a "wing trip" around the Egadi Islands, in search of the best weather conditions to allow students to learn quickly, combined with a wonderful holiday "on the sea".


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The instructor

Roberto Linares, class of '68, sailor since the age of 12, a life in contact with the sea, is also the owner of a wonderful sailboat, a Grand Soleil 46.3, with which he sails throughout the Mediterranean._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Profound connoisseur and assiduous practitioner of all activities related to the sea, which he himself defines as "The Master", from diving to windsurfing, passing through kitesurfing, he has dedicated himself steadily since his advent to this new and wonderful discipline that is wingfoil, becoming a certified instructor.

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