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Yoga by the sea

Yoga courses and lessons by the sea

Aquamarine has created Yoga by the Sea to promote activities related to well-being and the practice of Yoga by the sea or on one of our boats, to regenerate in a healthy and eco-sustainable way!

Our lessons take place upon request in Trapani, Sicily.

What is yoga


Yoga is a very ancient discipline, born in India. It has its roots in traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Tantra. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit term yuj, which means "to unite", "union". Even the Italian words “coniugare” and “giogo”, for example, have the same root.

Yoga is the bond that balances opposites, reconciles them and leads them to completion: it unites body and mind, but also individuals with each other and the individual with universal consciousness.

Many people in the West approach yoga as a form of exercise, a form of stretching to tone the body and reduce stress. Yoga undoubtedly brings many benefits on a psychophysical level, working both on the bones, muscles and joints, i.e. the structure of our body, and on the internal organs and circulation.
Soon however, with regular practice, one realizes that in addition to relieving tension and strengthening the muscles, yoga helps to concentrate the mind and better understand our body and its energy.
The sense of peace, well-being and awakening of energy that one feels during and after the practice reveals the nature of this discipline: a path of personal growth that leads to self-awareness, harmony with ourselves and with what surrounds us surrounds.

Yoga is suitable for everyone and anyone can practice it, regardless of their physical fitness level and age.
As the exercise of asana is perfected, awareness of oneself, one's body, one's breath and one's thoughts also evolves.

Yoga is for everyone even in its inner aspects.
It is not a religion, but rather a spiritual practice and can well complement the religiosity of a believer, as well as constitute a form of secular spirituality.

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